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We recognize you as an individual with skills, needs and aspirations and we value your talent.

If you are what it takes to deliver high quality zero defect product on time, then you will find a match with ekSource’s ideals and principles. If you have the attitude of “whatever it takes” and if you meet the criteria below, you may submit your resume to for consideration.


At ekSource, employees are our foundation; we strive to recruit, train and retain the best talent in the industry. We aim at meeting our client’s business goals by matching & fulfilling it’s people aspirations. For people with mettle, sky is the limit.

We give our employees the chance to gain international experience, improve their competences and to perform at their very best.


EkSource Environment

ekSource provides the platform where imagination, technology, passion and principles come together. It has a very special culture where talent can flourish, where people can create the latest innovations. Where you can work on great projects as part of great international teams.

Our work environment promotes open communication, creative thinking, and team participation. We pride ourselves on our supportive and friendly team spirit and you will always find a managers door open when our employees need guidance.


Growth at ekSource

We constantly work towards creating career plans and  special assignments for employees, who demonstrate leadership, commitment, initiative and competence. ekSource provides opportunities to grow within the function, cross-functional and across geographical territories.

We believe that nurturing and developing our talent to its full potential is one of our number one priorities. To support this we operate an advanced personal and professional development system ensuring that each employee receives continuous learning opportunities and training in line with his or her career aspirations, performance, strengths and weaknesses.

Some of the personal & professional development activities that our employees have access to, include:

  • Personal effectiveness training
  • Two in a box mentoring
  • External courses, seminars, conferences
  • Technical Training by our Technology & Innovation leaders
  • Management & leadership training
  • Certification sponsorship

We constantly work at enhancing People Empowerment through initiatives like involving work groups in building Processes, Creating young leaders, Encouraging Mentoring and creating Action Groups for Improvement Initiatives.

Our empowerment plan helps increasing Pro-activeness, Innovation and Enhancement of mutual trust and commitment to organization. At ekSource our employees carry a great sense of achievement.

Work life balance at ekSource

We understand the need for an appropriate work-life balance. The IT industry is a competitive and demanding profession and our customers expectations often run high. Nevertheless, we believe it is essential that we all maintain a proper balance between the demands of our work.

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